A rights management platform for musicians

The Story

We set out to make massive improvements in ease and efficiency for musicians when engaging with numerous rights and rights management organizations. And we did it.


Our platform would allow for easy and rapid data entry and then smart utilization of that data for all the different rights bundles, organizations and regions around the world. Reducing the redundancy of entering the same details over and over again could save countless hours of paperwork. Data validation at the source allows for ensuring the right payments get to the right people from the right sources.

Our philosophy: In order to help musicians make money, our product will solve rights holders’ problem of managing their rights by building a platform that makes it easy. We will know it works when a musician can manage their rights in multiple markets and generate revenue.


A single engine that can create forms for all rights organizations and share data with groups of collaborators. Modern data-entry design with rapid access to previously entered data inline. A single point of reference for all composition and associated meta-data (ownership, recordings, management, registrations, etc). A progressive web app for access everywhere the web is available.


We were easily able to speed up current data entry processes, for example improving one data entry process by 90% fewer steps. That particular process is one that touring musicians would have to fill out for every show of the year that they play. This results in enormous time and cost savings.

The process begins in one place – the composition profile. This data is the building block for data sharing relationships with everyone from a songwriter’s management team or performers on recordings to rights organizations all over the world. This also sets users up for easy integration of emerging technologies like Blockchain.

Our adjustment engine allows for data entered once, stored free forever, to be used in any forms to be sent anywhere in the world.

Transmitter conceived of this project after many long meetings with music industry insiders about problems they face. The solutions were born out of market research, user testing, and long experience. Every feature in the platform from the adjustment engine to the utilization of data to email validation came from this human centered design process.

“Although there are many questions about the future of the music rights industry, one thing is for certain. Smart, powerful applications such as Rights.Kit will provide the tools required to not only survive but to thrive in the new ecosystem.”

Jeff King. Chief Operating Officer – Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

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